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Mold Design Process and Mold Production

BP Plastics is providing a full service of mold design to our customers. For the best results in all stages of the
process we are following the below described steps. Off course that could be an iterative process. So please feel free to contact us for a normal conversation.


Project Requirements

by using a well designed and adapted project structure from the start of the project on we can safe time and money during the whole project but mostly at the end.
Thats why we take great afford to have a well organized project documentation. This will show the project targets to all members of the project team and companies
which are involved. Main responsible person is our project manager who will stay in close contact with our customers.
What are the most important parameters in this period:

  • number of pieces per month
  • type of plastic material
  • price goal of plastic part
  • price goal for mold
  • guaranted shots for the mold
  • needed flexibility of the mold (variantes of the plastic part)
  • future mold capacity needs

Mold Design Concept

After getting all this knownlegde our designers have to create a mold concept.
They will put their focus on the below facts:

  • number of cavities
  • partingline
  • area for injection nozzle
  • number and placement of moving parts of the mold
  • mold material / material treatment
  • necessary size of injectionmolding machine


All these facts together creating a trust able basis to give an offer to our customer. Normally the offer is splitted into too cost and part cost, but even other
financial and logistical models are possible. Like moldprice is included in the part price. Or we producing an half year amount, store it for our customer and
deliver in time. Here our sales department will find the easiest and best solution for our customer.
The Result of all this will be the offer to our costumer.


After getting the order our project manager will finalise the project plan and give the order to our Designers to design the mold.
Based on the complexity of the mold design and the part design it will be cross checked with simulation tools of moldflowanalyses. The project manager will report
weekly wise to the customer via email.

Tool production

Even during this period the customer will get status report. The project plan is like that to get clear and transparent knowledge even in the tool production period.
After approval of the first shots with the tool and corrections will take place. So the customer will get the parts of the final trail run. If this is approved
we will hand over the mold documentation and hand over the tool to the production facility.

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