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Partner Companies of BP Plastics

For giving a perfect full range service to our customer we developed a small but powerfull, global network. Members are coming from India, Germany and China, like:

  • eMPe Entwicklungs + Produktions GmbH & Co. KG (Mold Design & Order Managemanet for Germany / Austria / Swiss)
  • EROCONTUR GmbH near Berlin (Injection Molding Tools)
  • BP Plastics Pvt. Ltd. (Mold Design)
  • GLS Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore (Plastic Raw Material)
  • Asia International Enterprise (H. K.) Ltd. (Plastic Raw Material)

The advantage for our customer is that we can easily offer a well organised support for them as full service provider or just as guide to an excellent organised process flow for their product.

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